All-Love Sekhem Workshops




Life is full of happiness, anger, sadness and joy, have you released these emotions?  No matter how much you understand or how optimistic you are about life, there always are chances you accumulate some kind of emotions in your body without knowing.  These emotions may become blockages of the body and evolve into different diseases.

This one day workshop involves case demonstrations.  The energy of all the participants together will magnify the group energy, allowing both the case and all participants to release blockages together, bringing in the all-love energy into the body, allowing the body to enhance and integrate with the energy.

Within the All-Love Sekhem workshop, one might experience the following:

  • Healings on physical, emotional, mental and/ or spiritual levels;
  • Opening of the heart chakra and other energy centers;
  • Energy release of past events on different levels;
  • Spontaneous initiations;
  • Anchoring of the soul energy in our physical bodies;
  • Awakening and empowerment.

History of All-Love Sekhem

Sekhem is the ancient Egyptian word for Universal Energy and Power, and is a form of Universal energy that was originally used for healing purposes in Ancient Egypt.  The energy operates on a higher vibration and heals on a deeper level, where uses of symbols are not necessary.

Patrick Zeigler is the founder of Sekhem and he is the one who "re-discovered" this energy.  In 1980, as he spent the night in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, the Sekhem energy presented itself in the form of a swirling electric-blue light moving in an infinity pattern.  This light entered Patrick's heart, resulting in an initiation.  

The experience in the pyramid led him to a wise Egyptian, who taught Patrick specific ways to deepen the experience.  These two combinations led Patrick to develop the Sekhem system, and onto the present name known as All-Love Sekhem.

All-Love Sekhem heals on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, with a particular focus on the Heart Chakra.  This connection with the heart and the opening of the heart is also a connection to the higher-self and higher consciousness.  The All-Love Sekhem energy comes down and flow throughout the body, activating and opening the heart and other energy centers, bringing in healings one need.

All-Love Teacher Rhoda Choi

  • Patrick's first Certified All-Love Sekhem Teacher of Greater China
  • Joined Patrick’s All-Love Sekhem in2016 and have been on the All-Love Teacher’s Program since then and followed Patrick to different places including Taiwan and Egypt to experience this energy
  • Meditation inside The Great Pyramid of Giza with Patrick in 2017
Date 1 Oct 2019 (Tues)
Time 1:00 - 6:30pm
Fees: $1200
Discounts: Early Bird Fee of $1000 if payment received on / before 10 Sept 2019
Venue: SMB Holistic Source
Registration: Course fees are to be deposited to HSBC account 808-231161-001. Please call 9300 8995 or email upon payment deposit with details on the deposit date, student name and phone number.