Life Between Lives Regression Therapist, TNI, USA
Past Life Regression Therapist, PLTA, UK  
Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, NBPES,USA  
NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor,USA
All-Love Sekhem Teacher  
Souvil's Spiritual Lessons Channeler  
Souvil's Spiritual Meditation Channeler  
Shamanic Practitioner  
Energy Healer  
EFT Practitioner AdvDPLT, DPLT, M.Ht, MSc, BA
Career Consultant    
Member of The Newton Institute, USA    
Member of Past Life Therapists Association, UK    
Member of National Guilt of Hypnotists, USA    


Rhoda was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Canada with her family when she was 9 years old. Since small, her parents has given Rhoda a lot of freedom to explore and experience life. Her mother, a Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach, have taught Rhoda to understand life through different aspects, which greatly contributed to who Rhoda is today.

After graduation from University, Rhoda returned to Hong Kong and has always been given opportunities in various industries throughout her occupational path; therefore she understands the divergence and situation in the society we face today. Though there was so much to learn in the past, she never seemed satisfied with her roles. She felt that life is not only about money and work; there should be a life purpose which needs to be fulfilled in order to become full at heart.

Since her in depth learning of Numerology and having gone through numerous hypnotherapy sessions, Past Life Regressions and Life-Between-Life Hypnotherapy herself, Rhoda discovered that her life purpose is here to help people: to help them realize the real meaning of life. With daily meditation after connecting her own spiritual guide, she is even more confirmed of her life path: to spread this life message by utilizing her knowledge and skills.

Now, as a Numerologist, Rhoda can definitely help you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, conflicts, challenges and even upcoming opportunities.

Being an EFT practitioner, she can help you focus on a specific issue while tapping on “end points of the body’s energy meridians” to treat a wide range of physical and psychological disorders.

As a hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist, she can help you to relax, release stress, improve quality of sleep and enhance your self-confidence as well. She can help you to explore one or more of your past lives which might give you hints on how your present progress is being affected.

Having returned from The Newton Institute's Life Between Lives (LBL) Regression Therapist training in Oct 2012, she is now conducting LBL sessions for clients. This is an opportunity for them to reconnect with their spiritual self and the spiritual world.

Gifted with her mediumship ability after her own LBL session, she can connect with your guide in obtaining information related to your present situation and direction. In addition, Rhoda is currently delivering channeled lessons from her guide Souvil, covering a variety of different spiritual topics.

Before becoming spiritually inclined, Rhoda has been continuously giving her friends suggestions on how to make career progress. As an ex-headhunter, she is definitely qualified to give you practical advice to excel in this commercial world as well as the world beyond.

With her passion in meeting and helping people, Rhoda is dedicating the remainders of her time with her co-founding non-profit making organization - RonStars Institute of Self-Actualization, on delivering the true meaning of life. (Website:www.ronstars.com)